Pay-Per-Click Marketing

High-Quality Traffic & Leads – Get Up & Running In DAYS!

Our PPC approach will supercharge existing campaigns and quickly shape new campaigns to deliver return on investment. With extensive experience using Google Adwords, we are well versed in paid search strategies.

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Attract more customers

Pay-per-click ads are carefully targeted to your target market and will appear directly above the organic search results on all devices – giving your company increased prominence

From as little as £10.00 per day, your ads will run continuously until the budget is reached. As informed advertisers, we put ourselves in your customer’s shoes to allow us to better serve ads the meet and satisfy their search queries.

Reach the right people, at the right time

Are you a local business and are your operating hours 9-5 (Monday to Friday)? No problem – we’ll ensure your ads are shown at exactly these times, and they’re paused during non-operating hours. There are endless settings available, allowing us to craft the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

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Target specific locations

Do you have several stores or offices throughout the UK? No problem – we’ll ensure the ads are only served to people within your service radius. We’ll also ensure the ads state the town/city within the ad, which results in more click-throughs from local customers.

Only pay when an interested person clicks

With many marketing mediums, you pay per impression and can’t guarantee the impact advertising has on the conversions. With pay-per-click marketing, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and we’ll track this right through to the conversion to better analyse your campaign and return on investment.

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What To Expect From Our Campaigns

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PPC Strategy

PPC Strategy

First, we’ll get to know your business and analyse the competition to identify opportunities in the marketplace. Then, we’ll tailor a strategy that works for you.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Traffic is meaningless unless it’s quality, targeted traffic. We’ll uncover and map out keywords that are likely to result in conversions for your business.

PPC Campaign Implementation

Campaign Set-Up

Structured campaign set-up is crucial. We ensure all keywords are mapped into targeted ad groups to increase quality scores and reduce costs per click.

Ad Copy Writing

Adcopy Writing

We write copy for all ads, ensuring the copy is enticing and professional, as well as consistent, starting from the ad, through to the landing page.

PPC Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions

Using a combination of call, location, callout and site link extensions will result in more targeted clicks and more direct conversions on your website.

PPC Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Whatever your type of goal, we’ll ensure they’re tracked and included within the monthly KPI reports, so you can easily see how profitable your campaign is.

PPC Management

Monthly Management

Your assigned dedicated account manager will manage and optimise the campaign on a monthly basis to aid the performance and improve results.

PPC Monthly Reporting

KPI Reports

Google Adwords KPIs will be reported on a monthly basis, including MOM and YOY trending. We can also modify reports to suit your requirements if needed.