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Have you ever wondered how companies such as The Lad Bible get so many Facebook fans? They are one of the most effective players in the Social Media world and their posts are seen by millions of people from around the globe.


We’ll let you in on a few secrets.

The Lad Bible started out as a small business start-up in 2012 and have rapidly grown to become one of the largest online communities in the world.

They originally posted content with a very ‘sexist’ and ‘laddish’ persona which targeted young males. This resulted in a lot of very negative publicity and criticism, which over time has caused them to change the articles they write and promote.

They now share funny photos, entertainment & technology videos as well as funny news articles which their audience can relate to.

How The LAD Bible attract visitors

The LAD Bible has a constant feed of new visitors to their website every day, this is due to the ongoing social shares and engagement they get on each post.

Here are a few ways they find and share content

  • They share trending content from celebrities
  • They allow submissions on their website which are reviewed and some are shared
  • They use social media tools to analyse trending content from competitors. You can find viral content through ahrefs content explorer.
  • They use social bookmarking sites such as Reddit to find viral and trending content which they can then share

Their high level of engagement activity on social media results in a huge visibility increase which spreads to a wider audience. This ensures they have a continuous stream of content visible to new users.

The Lad Bible is receiving around 250,000 social followers and 3.5 million social interactions on a weekly basis. This suggests they still have a huge scope of progress to continue.

In January 2012, they published their first Facebook post which had over 75,000 interactions. They achieved this by tagging 23 young males they knew would influence the virality of the post.

Which marketing techniques do The Lad Bible use?

The LAD Bible use a combination of different marketing techniques, some of which are very effective. These techniques can easily be replicated on your social media accounts.

Facebook Fans Meme

The main technique they use is content marketing. They use this process to create and share media effectively to acquire and retain customers.

The Lad Bible creates content on relevant landing pages that use specific language and styling to encourage the user to read the full length of the post.

Why give away the story in the headline, right?

Here’s how to craft headlines that draw people to your content.

If users spend more time on your page and engage with the content, then this will also help with your SEO, as Google recognises the low bounce rates and high relevancy. Reward!

The Lad Bible also use unanswered questions to suggest the conclusion of the article is shocking and unexpected. This technique encourages an increased CTR and depending on the readers reaction to the conclusion, this often results in shares, comments and likes.

Here’s a screengrab of The Lad Bibles top 5 viral posts of all time. Topping the list is Tupac’s film with a massive 139k shares on Facebook.

The Lad Bible Best Social PostsRead on to find out how The Lad Bible gained over 17 million social followers using techniques that you can replicate.

Before we get right down to the nitty gritty, it’s important that you understand these techniques completely depend on your set audience, although some techniques may work for you, some others may not.

So without any further adieu, here are the top marketing techniques The Lad Bible have used to become viral on Facebook.

Click bait

Clickbait is more of a recent technique that has taken over the Facebook homepage as you know it. Companies such as The Lad Bible, Benchwarmers and other social-focused companies use clickbait to entice the users into clicking the link and directing them to their website.

Some companies use clickbait to simply generate traffic even though the story may have nothing at all to do with the actual post. Here is more information on clickbait.

Stuck for ideas? Use a link bait title generator to help you create headlines that work.

They schedule for specific time-zones

Although the majority of The Lad Bibles fans are in the UK, they also cater for other countries and time zones such as the US and AU. In 2012, they launched a Facebook page for their Australian audience, for more relevancy.

There are some great scheduling tools for Social Media, one of our favourites is Hootsuite.

It’s important to schedule posts at specific times of the day that usually have high levels of engagement. Quicksprout released a really neat infographic that shows the best times to post on Social Media.

Depending on the countries you are looking to target, you should write down the time differences to help you memorise the best times to post.

Alternatively you can use a time zone converter to help schedule your posts for different time zones.

You can always consider opening new social accounts for different countries. This can sometimes be a good idea, but I would recommend you dedicate your time on only one for each channel to begin with.

If other countries start to bring high level of engagement, then it can be considered, but you need to think about manpower.

Finding high-quality content to promote is a time-consuming task, so only do this if it’s absolutely necessary.

Their writers have a passion for their topics and their industry

No matter how good you are at writing content, it’s always best to have writers that understand and have a passion for the particular topics related to  your business.


Because it deliverers better results, hands down.

Here’s how to build an audience doing  what you love.

The Lad Bibles posts are written by young males, as their Facebook page indicates.

The Lad Bible Facebook Description
If you don’t have the time to write regular content that is of a high quality, you can always consider outsourcing it to professionals.

If you’re looking to outsource your content, Great Content is an excellent resource. They have tons of writers, all specialists in different industries. It’s easy to choose authors who have a proven track record of quality content, catering all size budgets.

A small investment in content could lead to a high ROI if done correctly.

Here’s a little tip

Don’t ever aim for just ‘unique content’, as anyone can deliver this. If your content can be backed with data, spend your time researching facts and statistics.

Blow your competition out of the water and learn how to create 10x content.

Where do The LAD Bible source their content?

To find their content they use a range of sources such as reddit and other social bookmarking sites.

They also use some publishing software called Revee which helps to understand the monetary value of each piece of content. Revee helps to develop a profitable content strategy based on previous data.

The Lad Bible uses uprising content that is likely to go viral to share on their website. They often write a full article detailing what the content is about.

They also add an opinion that most of their target audience would agree with to entice comments.

They often add presumptions and insinuations that the reader wants to hear near the beginning of the content. This encourages the users to read the full article and spend more time on the page.

The LAD bible also accepts content which has been submitted to them by their community.

This allows them to post fresh and engaging content which cannot be found elsewhere. This helps to gain interaction with their social followers.

They quote that the majority of their content is crowd sourced that has been submitted to The LAD Bible.

They get approximately over 1,000 user submissions per day.

A large part of the editorial teams job is to select the best submissions, create a catchy title and description. They strive to publish new submissions within the hour.

The Lad Bible at the forefront of viral content and often find relatable content before anyone else.

They often credit their content depending on the source.

This wasn’t the case in previous years. This shows how the company has changed as they are working hard to become a legitimate news source for young adults.

Most of the content that is produced is evergreen content.

This is content that is not time based and does not have an expiration date. This ensures that even their old posts will continue to gain traffic and engagement.

Learn 7 strategies for developing evergreen content.

Who owns The LAD Bible?

The LAD Bible was first founded by Alex Partridge in 2011 who then sold it when the social media pages had a few hundred thousand followers.

The owners of The LAD Bible are a publishing company called 65twenty. Since taking over, they have slightly changed the nature of the site and are focusing on it becoming a relatable news source for males aged 16-34.

They have approximately 30 staff which are tasked with the daily upkeep of the website.

The business has always been run with no external financial help although now they have a number of high profile executives on the board.

The business now has a positive cash flow which is a great sign for the future of the site.

Why have The LAD Bible changed the content they are producing?

Over time The LAD Bible have gradually phased out the ‘laddish’ culture of the site.

This is because they are attempting to redefine the site and remove all the bad publicity and negativity surrounding the brand.

They wish to start from a clean slate and make the site a reputable news source which can compete with the big news companies.

One of The LAD Bibles main focus points are the advertisements that are now within the footer of every post.

To ensure that they get a constant supply of advertisers they have had to change their content to remove the bad reputation.

If they continued to use x rated content and content that could be taken as disrespectful and degrading, this would appeal to a smaller publishing audience.

How popular is The LAD Bible?

It’s clear to see The Lad Bible have an excellent following on social media, but how popular is their site exactly?

Currently the website is ranked 142nd in the United Kingdom on Alexa, although this is always fluctuating and is subject to change.

The LAD Bible quote that they have rapidly become a top 20 UK website. Their rapid rise to fame proves that creating a community through social media is an exceptional marketing strategy.

It may seem a daunting task to achieve such success. Although with consistancy, quality content and targeted marketing, impossible is nothing.

How does The LAD Bible make money?

The LAD Bible features a variety of advertisements throughout their articles. They also include a market research questionnaire in the footer of each post.

This suggests that they are doing a lot of sponsored posts in an attempt to get specific marketing information for third party companies.

They have also recently added advertisements on their video content. This may be seen as a negative move for the company as the target audience is often seen as impatient. A 30 second ad may cause frustration and higher bounce rates.

According to a report on Buzzfeed, The Lad Bible generates over £100,000 per month on advertising.

The future of The LAD Bible

The Lad Bible is likely to continue their progress on social media, they are a reputable news source for sport and entertainment and their audience is growing rapidly every day.

To ensure they keep up with the demand they will continue to grow staff numbers as proven by the recent addition of a London office and Manchester HQ.

This shows exactly how ambitious they truly are.


The Lad Bible are an excellent example of a company who leverage the use of Social Media.

But there’s no reason you can’t adopt a similar strategy, depending on your audience.

Is there anything in particular you like about The Lad Bible which we’ve not mentioned? Or maybe some things you dislike and think they should improve?

I’d be interested in hearing your opinions in the comments below.

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