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The Schema markup can be used within the HTML of any website to help major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo understand all the elements of a web page and process the information correctly to users. Search engines have come along way in the last 5-6 years, although they are not human. Whilst the bots do an excellent job of crawling our web pages and providing users with rich results, sometimes they need a little help along the way, from us (the webmasters).

The below webpages should always include the Schema structured-data markup.

  • Articles
  • Book Reviews
  • Events
  • Films
  • Local Businesses
  • Products
  • Restaurants
  • Software Applications
  • TV Episodes
  • TV Episodes with Ratings

As we’ve briefly explained, the Schema markup is imperative for SEO for the above content, below we have identified the top 10 reasons why webmasters should always consider using the Schema markup on their webpages.

1: Schema boost search rankings

Although Googles Matt Cutts hasn’t released any official statement giving information that the Schema markup improves SEO, there has been some significant improvements in search rankings for many companies which have Schema implemented throughout their site, overtaking competitors which have bypassed the idea. According to a recent report, on average, websites that use Schema rank 4 positions higher than those who don’t.

2: Improved CTR (Click through rate)

Rich Snippets

As most webmasters are aware, rich snippets play a fundamental role in CTR, although there’s no guarantee that Google and other search engines will follow your instructions, if they find other content within your web pages to be more relevant for the users search, the search engines may alter the snippets to suit. This can become frustrating and many marketing professionals fail to identify the primary cause, no structured data.

3: Move ahead of the competition

According to recent studies, less than 1% of websites actually have Schema microdata embedded. This could be down to the webmasters not understanding what Schema markup is, underestimating the power and benefits of the data or simply not heard of it before. Therefore it’s most likely your competition aren’t aware of the process. It’s worth checking up on this by viewing the competitors source code.

4: Schema increases sales

For transactional websites, the Schema markup should be considered as a high priority. When someone is searching for a particular product, the structured data will tell Google the selling price of your product, whether the item is in stock and also displaying a star rating based on previous customer reviews. This doesn’t just increase the CTR somewhat, it also gives customers peace of mind that they can really trust you and they won’t have to wait a while for delivery, this is all shown directly on the SERPS.

To add the structured-data to a web page, you can use the Google Structured Data Markup Helper or alternatively if using WordPress, there is a Schema rich snippet plugin available for download.

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