Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a true entrepreneur, he is widely known for his inspiring work in digital marketing.

Over the years, Neil has founded several companies including KISSmetrics, Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout and his own personal blog. He also works alongside companies such as Amazon, MBC and HP grow their online revenue.

His diverse and endeavour approach to digital marketing has lead him on to be one of the most successful marketing professionals in history. You could say, he’s revolutionised the art of SEO.

But Neil’s success wasn’t plain sailing, during his career he faced many tough obstacles.

But, do you know what? Neil had the “never say die” attitude, and he fought extremely hard for his dreams.

With this infographic, you’ll learn about the life in which Neil grew up, and the challenges he faced during his career.

How Neil Patel Started


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Neil Patel’s childhood

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Neil didn’t grow up with a rich lifestyle, his mothers first job was a non-paid teaching gig, and his father worked for one of his uncles. Although throughout his childhood, he was surrounded and supported by entrepreneurs, and Neil knew that if he wanted to live a lavish lifestyle, he would need to follow suit.

Started to sell illegal stuff

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Looking for quick and easy ways to make money, Neil started selling burned music CDs and illegal black boxes to students and their parents in high school. Neil earned a few thousand dollars in profit, although he knew this wasn’t a long-term strategy and it came with high risk.

Corporate life

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At the age of 15, Neil started his corporate life and got his first job at Knotts Berry Farm, cleaning up trash and rest rooms. This only lasted a few months, and he moved on to a sales role, cleaning carpets and attempting to sell the $1,600.00 Kirby vacuum after he completed the job. Unfortunately, Neil only managed to sell one vacuum which was eventually returned.

Started first company

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Neil knew that if he wanted to earn some serious bucks, he would have to start his own company. So, still in his early teenage years, he launched his first company, Advice Monkey. Neil invested quite heavily into the project and started to hire marketing agencies, which didn’t provide any value in return and the results were not looking promising.

General education

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Neil took sisters advice and started education courses at Cypress Community College, which proved to be the turning point in his career. Neil locked down his first marketing consultant from delivering an impressive group speech on how search engines work.

Clients, clients, & more clients

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Word of mouth marketing is super powerful, and Neil wouldn’t be in such a fortunate position without customer referrals. Shortly afterwards he locked down his first consultant, more clients started flooding through his way. Some may call it luck, fate or simply hard work paying off, but whatever the case, Neil was still a kid and we take our hats off!

The launch of Crazy Egg

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Neil launched Crazy Egg with business partner Shah, although the business started to run at a loss and Neil had no choice but to continue running his internet marketing agency to keep Crazy Egg afloat. After a few years, Crazy Egg started to do extremely well financially.

More business start-ups

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Neil invested in various B2B software applications with little or no success. Soon afterwards, KISSmetrics was born to help web marketers track advanced user behaviour and make informed data-driven decisions to improve user experience and online revenue. The company received funding through True Ventures and became a real success. Neil had accrued a healthy bank balance and purchased Hello Bar in 2012.

Moving on from KISSmetrics

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In 2014, Neil and his business partner Hiten Shah, left KISSmetrics in order to focus their efforts entirely on Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. Later that year in September 2014, Neil Patel’s personal blog was launched with a goal of reaching 100,000 monthly visitors. In August 2015, Neil successfully achieved this milestone.

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