Google has begun testing an infinite scroll feature in mobile search results.

Rather than displaying the usual “next” button at the bottom of the results page, a “see more results” has now been spotted for various search queries. This appears to be one of Google’s many ‘daily’ tests, however, this could well be the end of pagination for mobile (and maybe even desktop) SERPs, and instead giving users additional search results within one page with a more results feature.

Here is the mobile a/b test shown as screenshots from search results (left showing next button, and right with infinite “show more results” infinite scroll).

Infinite scroll Google test

What does this change mean for brands?

Historically, the second page of search results has only been known to accumulate ~4% of search traffic with minimal engagement, therefore, an addition of an infinite scroll could well lead to more clicks and visibility for results pages that are currently ranked on page 2+, although it’s not likely to be substantial.

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