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It’s that time of the year again when homeowners start feeling the pinch as boilers are breaking down.

This presents a huge opportunity for plumbers across the country to start advertising their services, both in traditional format and online.

Google Adwords can generate a serious amount of leads for plumbers in a short amount of time, but it’s important that the fundamental aspects are taken care of before launching any campaign, otherwise it will fall flat.

One of the most important components of a successful Adwords campaign, is a well-optimised landing page, and this is often forgotten about by most local service businesses.

Landing Page Meme

So why are landing pages so important?

Well, landing pages are standalone pages that are specifically designed to fulfill a single purpose, and that is to drive as many conversions as possible, for as little cost.

For plumbers, a conversion can be classified as a phone call or contact form enquiry.

Furthermore, a well optimised landing pages also often leads to a high quality score, which will mean you pay less per click.

Simply sending paid traffic to your homepage is not likely to yield a powerful ROI, as there are too many distractions for the user.

So with that in mind, we’ve researched some of the best landing pages from plumbers across the UK and we’ve gathered together our top 5.

Let’s begin…

#5 – Home Team Plumbing

The Home Team plumbing landing page has an overall impressive and striking design, which is also humanised with the employee complementing the content above the fold.

  • The colours are very vibrant and contrasting which immediately captures your attention
  • Clear telephone number, that’s also free from mobiles
  • Clear opening times – open 24/7
  • Human photo – this helps to build an instant personal connection and trust with potential customers
  • Clear trade certifications and user reviews – builds trust
  • Very clear and concise contact form with location option – ensures customers that their location is covered

Home Team Plumbing


#4 – Glow Green Ltd

The Glow Green landing page has a professional design which instantly offers an incentivised finance offer from £14 per month, as well as a £400 trade-in for old boilers with a tight deadline, which creates a sense of urgency as people will fear losing out on this exclusive offer.

  • Excellent low-cost finance offer and old boiler trade-in
  • Buy now pay later options to help the customer with financials
  • Which trusted trader accreditation and 446 exceptional user reviews to build trust
  • 10 year guarantee to give confidence to buyers
  • Video to help potential customers work out savings with a new boiler

Glow Green Ltd


#3 – Innovate

The Home Team plumbing landing page is well designed and instantly eye-catching. The page is also optimised for locational searches, when potential customer from Manchester are searching for new boilers, they will be presented with this page which makes it highly relevant.

  • Clear telephone number
  • Number 1 choice for new boilers in Manchester (although there’s no source for this)
  • Eye catching contact form with striking call to action
  • Trade accreditations and positive user reviews
  • 6 reasons to invest in a new boiler to help people make smart decisions on financials
  • Striking mid-fold call to action

Innovate Plumbing


#2 – Energy Care Group

The Energy Care Group landing pages had to be within the top two of our roundup. The branding colours are striking and consistent and the page is professionally designed with bold calls to action. The trade accreditations are clear to see with an immediate 0% finance option on new boilers, new boilers from just £14 per month.

  • Striking 0% finance option immediately visible
  • Free, no obligation boiler survey – a great incentive as there’s no call-out charge
  • No deposit and no investment for 6 months, with £400 scrappage – great for potential customers with lower budgets
  • 10 years warranty for extra confidence
  • 3 packages to assist people of all budgets

Energy Care Group


#1 – Help Link

And our winner is… Help Link!

The above-fold content is designed almost to perfection. With a complimentary background, the contact form immediately captures your attention and the blue colour is striking and bold, with a contrasting call to action button. The video is humorous, they have clear trade accreditations and a list of partner boiler suppliers. There’s a fixed price for new boiler installations to layout expectations from the word go, along with finance options. This will help a great deal with the quality of the leads.

  • Striking calls to action, telephone number and well-designed enquiry form
  • Finance options available for tight budgets
  • Impressive and humorous video
  • Manufacturer-backed warranties
  • Below-the-fold contact form for added convenience
  • 874 reviews on trust pilot

Help Link

Disclaimer: These landing pages were not created by Go Amplify, and are simply for illustrational purposes only.


We hope that now you have a better idea of all the features you should be including on your boiler landing page to bolster conversions you generate from your Adwords campaigns. It’s all about the first impression, and if you get that right, you’re on to a winner!

What do you think about the landing pages we have presented? Let me know in the comments below.

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